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Seconday and Dispensing in Same Keg


Was thinking of using the same corny keg for both secondary fermentation and then dispensing (I have an adapted lid w a ferm lock).  Has anyone tried this? Any major cons to this approach?  Thanks.

I've done this quite a bit. Just expect the first few pints to have some yeast sediment, but once that's clear you should be good to go as long as it doesn't get shaken up for some reason.

Yeah. If you are going to move it, take it to a party, etc. transfer it into another keg.

If you secondary in a keg you do not need to put an airlock on. Just pressurize enough to seal and then leave it. When you put it on service you will get on or 2 pints to start with some turbidity but it will clear soon enough. I do this exclusively. I will even primary in a keg with a spunding valve set up to go from kettle to service in 7 days with a cold crash and CP transfer to another keg. This works great for me if I am in a hurry. Or if I am not in a hurry I will ferment in the keg with a blow off set up then transfer to another keg for conditioning. If I fill the keg with sanitizer then force it out with CO2 I am sure that I am minimizing my 02 pick up during racking. Kind of a small scale set up similar to large breweries.

I do this all the time, no big deal.  Usually dump the first half a glass because its a muddy mess, then after one or two semi cloudy pints it clears right up.   


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