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I'm kegging my first batch this weekend!  If anyone has a moment, I have a couple of questions, and could use a little advice.

-So, the first batch, a MaiBock, spent 3 weeks in the primary and another 3 in the secondary.  Can I/should I force carbonate, or let it age in the keg for awhile?  How does each process work?

-About how long does it take to chill a five gallon corny keg?  I've got a double tap kegerator.  

Any advice/suggestions/anecdotes that any of you feel might be helpful for a first time kegger would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers, everyone

you could do either, but i would force carbonate it, and it takes a couple hours to chill a 5 gallon keg, hit it with co2 when you put it in the fridge

After you fill the keg and seal it hook the co2 to the liquid out post, set the psi to around 5, and then pull open the releif valve on the top of the lid for a few seconds in order to bleed out any air at the top of the keg. Don't bleed it for to long or beer foam will start shooting out of the valve.

I hate it when beer foam shoots out the hole in the top.

another tip is to hook your racking cane to the liquid side coupler and use co2 to start the siphon by pressurizing the carboy, unlock the relief valve by pulling it and turning it 90 degrees so it will stay open that way you reduce disturbing the beer and if you purge your keg with co2 before hand you eliminate the chance of oxidizing your beer.     Brilliant!!!


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