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Lay-over in Munich

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I just spent the last week in Germany visiting my Parents. On the way to
Germany I scheduled a 12hr lay-over in Munich. I learned that a long lay-over
can be a great way to add yet another destination to a trip w/o much added
cost when I had a forced lay-over in Amsterdam a few years back:

It started out with landing in Munich on time (9 AM) and not having to 
wait at the boarder control. Then I headed to Munich center to have a 
Weissbier breakfast with white sausages at the Weisse Brauhaus. This 
was a suggestion from folks at And I was glad that I 
followed it.

Weisses Brauhaus is the official Brauhaus for Schneider Weisse. I 
started out with a pair of white sausages, a glass of Schneider Weisse 
and some Brez'n. If you don't know white sausage, they are a Bavarian 
specialty, boiled and eaten with sweet mustard. You don't want to know 
what is in them. Even I don't want to know. As I'm ready to leave I 
had to have a look at the menu. There I found Hopfenweisse, a 8.6 % 
Weizendoppelbock with an aroma of lemons. And yes, it was an American 
IPA done as a German Wheat. And I thought all German brewers are 
traditionalists. The beer didn't have the assertive bitterness of an 
actual AIPA or the clove and fruit notes of a Weissbier. But it had 
the full favor and aroma of American hops balanced buy lots of alcohol 
and some sweetness. I learned later that this was the result of a
collaboration between Schneider and the Brooklyn Brewery.

So I decided to stay and have another pair of Weisswurst and Brez'n. 
Those two beers set the mood of the day.

Next was finding an open wi-fi network. Apparently Germans don't like 
to leave their networks open (they are sold as password potected networks
by default). And the only place I could find was the  Apple Store. At least I
found something.

Now I had a few hours to kill before the Paulaner Brewery tour. I 
decided to kill them at the Deutsches Museum (German Museum). This is 
a museum dedicated to technology. Unfortunately they don't have a section
about brewing technology.

Then the Paulaner Tour. There were also 3 Americans for which I ended 
up playing translator and tour guide. I did this tour before, so I knew what
to say. Later at the tasting, the beer was delicious and surprisingly close 
to my own attempts at the respective styles. The only problem was that 
the tour guide, a retired Paulaner brewer, was not able to eat with us 
and I wasn't able to chat him up about brewing.

Then back back to the airport to catch my flight to Leipzig. 
Given that my body was still at Boston time, I wasn't tired anymore  at that


The Professor:
Great report, Kai...
I'm so jealous!

Enjoy the rest of your trip! ;D

Thanks, but I'm already back. :)


That isn't a layover, that is a dream!

That Deutsches Museum is AWESOME. I was only in Munich for two days and it rained pretty much nonstop, so I had to find a lot of things to do inside.  :-\


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