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I tried Bluemoon's pumpkin ale called Harvestmoon and was very disappointed.  Both my wife and I had a very hard time tasting any spice or pumpkin, very bland.

Think I'll give it a miss!

I have not been interested in trying it, though my beer of the day calendar recommended it a few days ago.  I have not really liked the blue moon either but am not a big wheat fan.

I bought a six pack last year and was not impressed.  When I saw it on the store shelf I thought "hmm, should I get some?"  "Nope" was the reply.  There are definitely better and more interesting beers to buy.  If you like Dogfish Head beers give the Punkin Ale a try if you can find it.  It think it is quite good!

Ya, it was the first pumpkin beer my store has in this year, so limited choices right now. 


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