Author Topic: finally, and thanks to homebrew, my tastebuds are turning back towards high IBUs  (Read 271 times)

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as some of you im sure know, i was in south korea for a long time, and while i did homebrew there especially at the beginning, eventually one must end up drinking so much of what is available commercially, especially at the incredibly cheap price it was.

my tastebuds adapted to much lower IBUs. the imported beers were often weisse beers which koreans think are great for some reason or euro-lagers, etc. i will say that the japanese beers actually brewed in japan DO taste different and better than the ones here. I confirmed this with a Kirin brewed in canada vs my highly extensive memories of it both in korea and japan. much less bitter and clean. Kirin beats sapporo and asahi by far. but then one gets into the funny "gold/premium/masters ultra malt select" type stuff.

anyway, quaffing several homebrews tonight (this one ~30IBU) and finally am feeling that "this needs a stronger bitterness" in a deep way. it really has been a long time coming. wow. no longer might i whine about IPAs here perhaps