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Author Topic: Blichmann Top Tier/Tower of Power Complete homebrew rig--FLORIDA  (Read 880 times)

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Propane fired Blichmann Top Tier system with 3 burners.
Two Tower of Power control units for Mash Tun and HLT mounted on flow control stand with sampling valve and March pump. (all temp sensors and wiring included.)

Includes the following:
3-15gal Megapot 1.2 brew pots (HLT, MT and brew kettle)
2-gas solenoid valves
1-Spin Cycle Whirlpool fitting by
1-Blichmann Auto Sparge
1-stainless domed false bottom
3-kettle mounted thermometers
5-high temp silicone hoses (around 6' long) with stainless QD fittings
1-Blichmann ThruMometer
1-stainless shelf

Local pickup only
I have over $2000 invested. I brewed on it less than 10 times.
Asking $1600

Pic at this link:

If you have any questions feel free to contact me via text or email

Rich Hermes
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