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So, for the first time in 90 years,
a wolverine is going to spend the winter in Colorado.

News report here.

"State wildlife biologists say they think M56, the solo male wolverine that migrated more than 500 miles to Colorado from Wyoming last spring, appears to have settled in at the snowy edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, raising hopes for the survival of the species and other threatened carnivores."

Me, I think big Mustelids are amazing.
I will be raising a pint to M56 tonight.

Anybody ever seen one?

Only in a zoo.

Also, I was REALLY hoping for a Red Dawn thread.  :-\

 ;D...I am up for a Red Dawn thread.  Another of my favorites. ;)

Gulo gulo just freaking cool though.

Those things are tenacious.  Here's to any critter reclaiming it's former habitat.   ;)

Well, given what week it is...BUCKEYES!!!

Sorry for the hijack, and good luck to the critter.


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