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I decided to try my hand at one of the award winning recipes.  I went ahead and bought my grains, hops and yeast, but I seem to have misplaced my magazine.

Can anyone copy the instructions from it?  Otherwise I'll be hopping blind.

I don't remember the exact name, it was a scottish irish ale that won gold.  5 gallon.  A pretty heavy beer, about 17 lbs of grain.

Any help would be appreciated!

This one?

14lb pale
(1 lb each) malted wheat, aromatic, Munich
.33 lb roasted barley

0.5 oz magnum 14% 60 min
.25 oz fuggles 4.2% 10 min

Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale

Mash at 156
OG 1.101
FG 1.024
2 hour boil
Ferment @ 68F

That's it!  Thank you!

No problem!  I should have given credit to the brewer. It is Steve Fletty's "Scotch Bingerson's Rehydration Fluid" Strong Scotch Ale from page 51 of the Sept/Oct 2010 Zymurgy.

Just brewed it yesterday.  Seems to have gone well so far, though I can't get a good reading on the OG.  Didn't realize before that my hydrometer caps out at 1.090


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