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Another brewer here, whom I trust mind you ;)

mentioned to me that some english strains can supress hop aroma.

So for example, an IPA with english yeast may not have equal aroma potency
as say the same beer fermented with a clean "American" yeast.

I am interested in others thoughts and experiences on this issue.


I've never heard of that.  I'll be interested to hear thoughts on it.

I just brewed an IPA with Thames Valley yeast

Will be going into a keg in a week or so but primary is done and I dont think it suppressed anything

All I can think of is that some yeast strains seem to support malty or hoppy flavors and aromas, while others are so estery in themselves that it takes center-stage in the beer's perception. The end perception would be dependent on yeast strain, fermentation temp., and, of course, your recipe.

+1  Yeast strains such as WLP 002 English Ale or WLP 028 Edinburgh Ale have a much more fruity ester profile than say a WLP 001 California Ale yeast.  Temperature of fermentation and the resultant esters will vary a great deal from high temp to low temp fermentations as well.  Style, however, plays a key role.  If your trying to brew an American Ale with prominent flavor and aroma hop profiles, an English yeast with more fruity esters will more than likely subdue and/or cloud the perception of hops.  Likewise, an English or Scottish Ale dependent on those fruity esters due to the lack of aroma hops, would probably be out of balance when using an American Ale yeast.


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