Author Topic: Specialty Rice/Malted Rice in Homebrewing  (Read 98 times)

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Specialty Rice/Malted Rice in Homebrewing
« on: December 07, 2022, 02:30:38 pm »
Just thinking out loud about a rice lager and it got me to thinking about specialty (craft?) rice types and use of malted rice in light lager beers (Rice Lagers - as they are sometimes referenced).  Does anyone have experience in either category for rice in homebrews?  Suggested approaches/favorite recipes?  Things to watch out for (stuck mashes, use of rice hulls, extended mash regimens). 

Any insight would be helpful.  I am inspired by a local brewpub that had a selection of lagers recently on tap for a lager beer promotion that included a Rice Lager that was exceptional.  I haven't had a chance to speak with the brewer to get his take on the style - he's been busy opening a production facility down the street from the pub.
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Re: Specialty Rice/Malted Rice in Homebrewing
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Never tried rice malt.
My curiosity has been aroused.

Would use one of these Rice Malts in a very low amount.
Since I don't have a miller would do a few bursts with food processor/blender,
or stepping on rolling pin with rice in zip lock bag.

Rice Malt   Usage
Pale= 100%
Biscuit-4L = 5-80%
Biscuit-15L = 2-10%
Biscuit-18L = 2-10%
Amber = 1-20%
Dark = 1-5%
Gas Hog = 1-5%
Crystal = 3-15%

Above are 5lb bags (not milled). They also sell one and two pound bags.

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Re: Specialty Rice/Malted Rice in Homebrewing
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I tried this one a while back.  Made with black rice.

It was good, but I don't recall the flavor being particularly unusual.

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