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Condensation in Chest Freezer

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I got my chest freezer rigged up with a temp controller.  It's been at 35F for a few days now and it's getting some condensation inside.

Is this normal?  Maybe I'm opening it too much checking things or it's sneaking in where the thermister wire goes under the lid.

What do you do about it?  Just wipe it down with a paper towl every so oftern?



Three of the 500s keep a 15 cu ft freezer bone dry.

edit: I didn't even notice the price. If you're willing to wait I think they regularly get marked down to $12-15.

Thanks for the tip.

I wouldn't have guessed a mini-dehumidifier.  For some reason I was under the impression they didn't work well in the cold.  Probably because there's less humidity in my basement in the winter.

I use DampRid:

You can "recharge" the crystyals by baking out the water in the oven.


What procedure do you use to bake the crystals?  Temp, time, spread them out on a sheet?


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