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Fixing a Deep Scratch in a Stainless Fermenter

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Hi All,

I recently noticed that I have a moderately deep scratch about a half inch long in the interior of my stainless steel fermenter.  I'm concerned about the potential for bacteria/dirt/etc. to camp out in there and would like to find a way to grind it away or something similiar.  Has anyone attempted to fix a similar problem?  If so, what tools did you use?  How did you best smooth the surface so as not to make the problem worse with additional scratches in the metal?

Thanks in advance for your help and ideas.


You need to use NON metallic abrasive.
Something like appropriate grid sandpaper or emery cloth.

If the scratch is really deep and you have a grinder you may use a flap disc with a 80-100 grit. Just hit it lightly each pass one direction then turn the grinder 90 degrees and hit it again in order to "cross hatch" the scratch pattern. repeat this till you have taken out the scratch.  

Then take a scotch- brite pad to it to blend it in.

If the scratch isnt that deep you can get away with using only scotch brite or a combination of Emery cloth and scotch brite.

Home Depot usually carries a few different grits of scotch brite. Try starting with one that is more aggressive.  

After all this does it need to be passivated again?


--- Quote from: euge on September 10, 2010, 04:59:32 PM ---After all this does it need to be passivated again?

--- End quote ---

Seems like that would be the safe thing to do.


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