Author Topic: Free tanks in Los Angeles  (Read 190 times)

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Free tanks in Los Angeles
« on: March 18, 2021, 05:42:42 PM »
Hi. I have two pressurized gas cylinders that I'd love to give to a needy homebrewer. I'm not a homebrewer, so I don't really know what I have, but I'm happy to email photos to anyone asking. One of them is clearly marked nitrogen. The other one doesn't say what it's for exactly, but it's stamped "Bay Beer Dist." They were left behind at a house that my realtor wife sold for a client, which meant that I had to retrieve them and figure out what to do with them. If you can pick them up, they're yours for the taking. I'm in Glendale California. Email me for photos and/or a pick-up address: