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Ready to tackle another sour ale. Advice sought on my simple plan


So I am encouraged thus far with my first Flanders red ale.  Since the waiting will be long might as well get another one under way right!

I am contemplating a golden sour ale this time.  I want it to be simple.  I am not really wanting to go whole hog into the lambic route with full turbid mash and funky hops and natural harvested bugs and yeast...

Here is what I have got thus far.

I am going to go with a relatively simple grist.   Around 63% pilsner, 18.5% malted wheat and 18.5% unmalted (flaked) spelt.

For hops I will use a fairly low alpha acid unkown variety hop I harvested 2 summers ago.  It has been in my freezer since.  The hops are somewhat unusual.  I have gotten fruity flavors from them in beers I featured them.  Coconut comes to mind...

I plan on doing a single infusion mash @ 154-156F.  I have toyed with the idea of doing at least one rest at about 122F for the unmalted spelt.  I would rather keep it simple though.

Regular 90 minute boil.  I will pitch Wyeast Belgian lambic blend directly, no starter, as that seems to have worked quite nicely with the Roseleare.  No additional Sacch. yeast.

Sound like a plan so far?  Any tweaks?  Suggestions?

I am also toying with the idea of way down the road adding some fresh or canned (Oregon) fruit to all or part of it.  Say, raspberries or cherries.

I think you have a great plan that is simple and should work just fine.
I agree that you can skip the rest at 122...I think the bugs you're using will eat the starches whether they're long or short.
I would add this suggestion: only recirculate you mash until you stop seeing bits of grain and husks; the cloudy appearance of the wort when it first starts flowing contains starchy bits that will become food for the bugs in your lambic blend. Heck, if you don't mind a few bits and pieces in your boil kettle, then don't recirculate at all! Not quite a turbid mash, but still "helpful" to the lambic bugs without adding extra fact it shortens the brew day slightly by removing a step.
Oh yeah, add rice hulls to the mash if you have not already thought of it.

I've used frozen raspberries in the past, with wonderful results. Two or three bags from your local grocer's frozen section is plenty for five gallons.

PS: I've had "extras" from wheat beer batches -- and even a "failed" Berliner Weiss -- that I've added a few drops of slumbering lambic to and ended up with terrific results -- even though the base brew was not crafted to be a lambic. And adding fruit certainly helps. I know right now many stores have some fine looking white peaches -- they might work well in a lambic.

Good Luck!

Thanks Kernel!

as far as the recirculation goes...  I have never really had perfectly clear wort anyways.   :-[

Good point though.


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