Author Topic: Does anyone brew a favorite that they can't buy readily?  (Read 3527 times)

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Re: Does anyone brew a favorite that they can't buy readily?
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I would say my favorite style is a Czech Lager and lagers in general. I can find a few offerings in bottles which I avoid because Ive been skunked one too many times. Wish I could get in cans but haven't seen any near me. Aldi's sells some german pilsners that are damn tasty and for a fair price.  So, to the point, I brew a Czech Lager that is pretty friggin awesome. I try to keep 3-4 kegs in rotation but for some reason find that difficult because I have friends and neighbors who seem to think its awesome too.

May I ask for the Czech lager recipe? One of the few styles I haven't brewed much of.

Here you go Jim,

90 Min Boil
92% Weyermann Floor Malted BoPils Malt
6% Carapils
2% Acid Malt
Saaz Hops @ 75,60,30 I also will at times add Saaz at 15,10,5 & knockout which won't change your IBU's much if at all.
40 IBU's
WLP 802 or 34/70 or S-189 Ferment at 48-52
Mash@ 122* for 30 mins, raise to 152* 30 mins mash out 168* or you can single infuse @ 152. I have done both and honestly don't see much difference.
OG 1.053
FG 1.011


Thanks for the inspiration.

Brewed one up on Saturday, used a bit of Magnum to aid in getting to the IBU - as well as 34/70 yeast. It takes so much Saaz to get to 40 IBU with how low their AA % is - I was worried about some hop grassiness. I still ended up using 4oz total hops though. Can't wait to try it in a couple months.
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