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Devil Dancer

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Triple IPA, by Founders. I am in love!!!! This is anamazing beer!!! 112 IBU's, and 12% abv. No alcohol burn, and the hops just pucker your butthole ever so nicely, without being invasive. It has just enough caramel to balance the hops. Many of the doubles and triples I've had are way to malty for me, but this is perfect. In fact, it reminds me a lot of my "Thunderstruck" barley wine.
  Man I can't wait to get brewing!

P.S.  does anyone know if there is any rye in this beer? It is so similar to my barleywine recipe that uses rye, I was just curious.

Haven't had this one yet, but I'll keep a look out.

What's the eta on firing up the burner for a batch?

Is your equipment still MIA?

Wow, that sounds tasty!!  I will have to look for this one around the Green Bay/Fox Valley area in Wisconsin.

I don't believe it has rye.


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