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Author Topic: Indiana hops  (Read 5823 times)

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Re: Indiana hops
« Reply #30 on: May 14, 2023, 10:54:43 am »
My Homebrew Club, the Glass City Mashers, has an acre hop yard in NW Ohio. It was an experimental hop yard started by Ohio State University that we took over three years ago. I believe they were trying to find out which varieties would thrive in this region. We had Goldings, Galena, Mt. Hood, Sterling, Cenntenial, Cascade, Chinook, Williamette, Nugget, and Columbus. This year we removed Cenntennial, Williamette, and Goldings because they were not doing well and not producing. With the help of a Michigan hop farm, Mr. Wizards, we are planting more Cascade and Mackinaw. Our best yielding hops are Chinook, Columbus, and Nugget.

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Very cool!
Working with Mr. Wizards has been wonderful. When we harvest our hops, we take them to their facility where they run them through a machine that separates the hops from the vines. Then, they dry, test, pelletize, and package them. Some local breweries even use some of our hops .

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