Author Topic: Vanilla beans in a barrel?  (Read 188 times)

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Vanilla beans in a barrel?
« on: April 02, 2021, 10:53:51 PM »
   I have an Imperial Stout I'm going to age in a whiskey BBL with vanilla beans and would like to hear from others who may have experience doing this. I'm wondering if it's best to split the beans or leave them intact, I'm sure split would better impart the vanilla flavor but have some reservations about all the tiny seeds potentially becoming a problem once bottled. I considered a mesh bag but the BBL has a very small bung. O.G. was 1.123, F.G. 1.038, 5 gallon BBL probably for ~ 1 year, grade B Madagascar beans I just received today. Any suggestions on number of beans? I had planned on cacao nibs but it is already so chocolaty the nibs would be wasted.

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Re: Vanilla beans in a barrel?
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2021, 10:07:38 AM »
I think a barrel may be a different animal, but for a 3 gallon batch I add 1 bean (split and scraped) at the end of fermentation. It generally only takes a few days to get the flavor conribution I'm looking for, then I move the beer to a keg. I'm not sure how this will translate to a bigger batch and longer aging, but at least it's a data point for you.

I have used vanilla both with and without bagging the beans. It doesn't make a huge difference at raking time at my small scale, but a larger batch may be a different animal.
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