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Re: Stuck Fermentation?
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I recently had my lowest attenuated beer that I can remember. I used Wyeast 1332 Northwest Ale in a Brown Ale. OG was 1.052 and FG was 1.023, EST ABV=3.8% glad that it was only a 3.5 gallon batch!!!  :) The attenuation was only 55%. This is the third time I have used this yeast in a brown ale and attenuation previously was around 75%. The yeast started out with a bang with a 3" Krausen and was fermenting nicely at 68F not sure what went wrong.
Today I kegged it and blended it with 27% Barley Wine (10.2%) that makes the beer about 5.5% if I did the math correct. I have about 1 gallon of unblended Brown Ale that I will bottle as a session beer. Doesn't taste bad but is a bit sweet. I think it will taste good with a little Kentucky Bourbon  :) Anyway a sample of the keg beer tasted good.
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