Author Topic: What kind of gear do you use to keep your brewing equipment clean and sanitary?  (Read 215 times)

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At SIS Brew, we’re passionate about crafting quality sanitation chemicals for breweries and homebrewers.  As we grow, we’ve come to see the importance of offering cleaning equipment along with our line of effective cleaning chemicals.  So, we’ve decided to go to the source!  What kind of gear do you use to keep your brewing equipment clean and sanitary?  If we use your idea, we’ll reach out to hook you up with some free product.  And… GO! 

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A nylon dish scrubber. That's pretty much the extent of my cleaning equipment .
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A non abrasive sponge and skinny tube brushes for valves, spouts, tubes, hoses...

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PBW and a non-abrasive dish scrubby primarily. BLC or Barkeepers Friend on occasion when warranted.

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Nylon dish scrubber and bar mop/terry cloth towels

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I primarily use Savogran TSP and a Scotch-Brite non-scratch scrub sponge.  A little bit of TSP goes a long way.  I use Bar Keeper's friend every few batches in my kettles to keep deposits under control.

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Bottled a wheat beer last month, used pbw for a soak and star san. Miscalculated bc of 22 ounce Bottles and had 6 12 ounce bottles, I rinsed vigorously and prayed to the beer gods.  In the end thise 6 came out just fine. Never doing that again, lol

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