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Author Topic: Hop Heaven  (Read 9944 times)

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Re: Hop Heaven
« Reply #90 on: June 19, 2021, 09:04:05 am »
I ordered these from Hop Heaven on Wednesday, and they arrived Saturday.  Looking forward to trying them out

Please let us know how they look, feel and smell (and came out in a beer).  I have been rubbing my chin about some of the hops that Ted has and wondered about getting some and these were one variety I was interested in.  His US Saaz, Edelweiss and the C-148 were all excellent.  Ted is turning me into a hop snob.   8)

I don't love the flavor of these hops; it's more herbal than I care for (almost Earl Grey Tea like).  As finishing hops in a Belgian-style ale, I prefer EKG, Saaz, Sterling, or SG Celeia.  I'm going to order some Sterling or Celeia from Hop Heaven for my next batch.
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