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Rogue Old Crustacean/Double Dead Guy Barleywine


I want to brew a barleywine that is similiar to these beers.

6 gallons at 1.105 and ~150BU:

17lb Great Western pale 3L
3 lb Weyermann munich 10L
1lb Briess Crystal 15L
1lb Baird Carastan 30-37L

90BU Chinook 90 Minutes
45BU Centennial 45 Minutes
3oz Cascade flameout

Wyeast 1450

I will bulk age this for about 6-12 months so the hops will mellow out.  I am shooting for about 11.5% ABV.

What do you think?

I think if you're going for similar, you're in the ballpark.  I might use a bit more Munich, and also plan on dry hopping.  I'd recommend you brew a mid gravity pale ale with the 1450 and use the slurry from that to ferment your BW.


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