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Nutty Brewnette... American Brown Ale guidance


On a recent trip out to Oregon, I stopped at a BJs Restaurant for the first time.  (Great food, good atmosphere, Great beer)  While dining, however, my wife FINALLY found a beer that she enjoys… the Nutty Brewnette.  

So, long story short, I have found my wife’s gateway beer.  However, BJ’s are not present in Michigan… So my wife has assigned me the task to brew up my own version of the Nutty Brewnette.  

After looking at their website, the list of the grains and hops to be used is listed…so I think I can get a decent beer produced in three or four tries… but has anyone brewed a similar beer that they wish to share the recipe on? Or provide pointers on the one I have developed?  I am just looking for a good starting point that my save me a few iterations, and possibly achieve a some “good graces” for brewing a beer she loves!

My planr recipe for the first 5 Gal batch is:

10LB    Pale Malt
1LB      Crystal 40
.5LB     Victory Malt
.75LB   Special Roast
.125LB Chocolate (350)

.5oz Magnum 12AA% @ 60min

1oz Willamette 4AA% @ 20min
1oz Fuggle       4AA% @ 20min

And the vitals off of the BJs website is:

  Nutty Brewnette® is an American-style brown ale. A blend of four different dark malts contributes to a flavor profile that is sweet with “nutty” notes. A healthy dose of hops makes this beer hoppier and more balanced than most English brown ales.

Style:American Brown Ale Alcohol:5.9% by volume
Malt Variety:2-row Pale, English Crystal, Briess Victory and Special Roast, Chocolate
Bitterness (IBU):35Hop Variety:Magnum, Willamette, UK Fuggles

Any comments to help dial it in would be appreciated!


As a comparison, here's a link to my Noti (pronounced No-Tie)Brown ale recipe that's won a few awards...

Thanks for the data point Denny!

I had not thought about using Munich to round out the backbone malt flavor... I just may borrow that idea!


I know it's 4 years later so the odds of getting a response are low, but any update on how this turned out? I just had aBJs open near me and the nutty brunette was the best thing I had there.


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