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Author Topic: Selling used SS Brewtech 1v control+20g electric kettle $800 obo Chester, VA  (Read 812 times)


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Looking to make some changes to my set up at home so i need to make some room. Anyone who knows the SS Brewtech name knows its quality. I've used this set up as a BIAB for 5-8g batches and has worked amazingly. The 1v controller requires a 30amp dedicated breaker and outlet along with a standard 120v 15-20amp receptacle. It controls just one boil coil at a time and up to 2 pumps with full control and has a 20-30ft plug and i also have a 6ft extension if needed. The kettle has two 1.5in TC ports one with a blank and clamp the second with a 1.5in ball valve with detachable dip tube with a dam guard for trub also has its heating element already connected and installed and a neoprene jacket. If there are any questions or need for pictures i can send them your way. I'm currently in Virginia and can ship or have it picked up. Shipping beyond that is also an option but will be added to the price.

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