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Potential Gravity for Orange Juice?

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Does anyone have an estimate of the potential gravity contribution for orange juice? I'm making a strong Belgian specialty, using the zest from Curacao oranges (bitter) in the boil, and I plan to add the juice to the secondary. How much I use depends on how it tastes.

According to this article:

"whereas the reduced acidity Sour orange juice  was 7.4 “Brix", that's about 1.030

But that's all google will show me.  I don't have access to the full article though, maybe someone else does.

I found another article that had an average over 10 years of 10.4 brix, so about 1.041 SG.
From "Evaluation of rootstocks for the Cyprus local lemon variety ‘Lapithkiotiki’ "

I think your best bet is to just measure it with a refractometer or hydrometer.  I'd be more worried about the bitterness than the sugar though, they are called bitter oranges too and I don't know how that will carry over into the finished beer :)  The bitterness might come from just the peel and the walls so maybe it won't be an issue depending on how you plan to juice them. 

Just polling the first few google results, it looks like OJ has about 21 g of sugars per 8 fl oz. That's 8.75 °Bx, or about 1.035 SG.

Or you could just measure the juice...


--- Quote from: denny on September 15, 2010, 05:48:59 PM ---Or you could just measure the juice...

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I like Denny's response ;D
6 to 20+ brix with an average of 11brix (US 11.8)(%sugar)
the potential in PPPG is 1.006,  that is add 1 pound of OJ to make 1 gal of fluid you get about 1.006



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