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Nebraska State Fair Results


Finally received the score sheets from the Nebraska State Fair.  Out of 5 entries, one 1st, three 2nd's and one 3rd. 5 for 5!  Ironic part was I was enjoying a 23-Rye IPA when I opened the envelope. It was the 1st Place. 2nd's were a 13B-Sweet Stout, 14A-Classic English IPA and 14C-Imperial Pale.  3rd was a 10C-American Brown.  Floatin’ on cloud nine right now!!! ;D

Wow man, Congratulations!

That must feel great! 
Have another rye IPA 8)

Congrats!  I guess I'll start listening to you! ;)


--- Quote from: fightdman on November 18, 2009, 08:04:24 PM ---Congrats!  I guess I'll start listening to you! ;)

--- End quote ---
Ha, I wouldn't do that if I was me..  ???  The real clincher is we had two brew club members receive BOS in the Lager & Wine divisions, and a few others with ribbons as well.  I'm humbled by their accomplishments!  :)


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