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So, now that I've got a much more efficient brewing system in place, I'm thinking about having a big fete for Halloween. Of course, what Halloween would be complete without themed beers? I'm planning on doing a pumpkin ale, for which I already have a recipe that I'd be happy to share if you want, but what I'd like to know is if any of you guys have a red ale recipe, something similar to Hobgoblin ruby red? Anything else you normally serve up for ghoul-themed parties?

I haven't made it, but there was an article in BYO a while back where James Spencer (I think) used Frankenberry to make a Weiss beer.  May/June issue maybe?  Or you could add Count Chocula to a porter :)  You can just add the cereal to the mash.

Ha! Interesting idea. Wonder how the yeasties would react to all those additives and preservatives...

I think he used a whole box, and didn't mention any problems with fermentation IIRC.

If you want really vibrantly red beer, keep it pale (not even amber), and then add some kind of black malt (Carafa Special II would be my first choice, but some like Black Patent Malt or Dark Chocolate Malt or Roasted Barley) to bring it to 12-15 SRM.


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