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How does this sound?

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I found a recipe for a honey porter and it sounded good to me so I plan on brewing it up this weekend and I wonder what your guys' opinion is on it.
.5 lb. Black patent malt
.5 lb chocolate malt
1 lb. medium crystal malt
6 lbs. amber liquid malt extract
2 lbs. wild honey
1 lb. clover honey
1 oz. perles (60 min)
.5 oz fuggles (30 min)
.5 oz fuggles (5 min)
White labs Edinburgh ale yeast

Go for it.  Experiment and evaluate.  That's a fair amount of easy fermentables for the yeast.  Watch your temps so you don't get a bunch of fusels.  I judged a "honey porter" and I thought I was going to go blind even after my small pour.

Sounds like way too much honey to me. Honey is going to dry the beer out. With that much honey (almost a third of your entire fermentables) you are almost bordering a braggot.

I'd go with no more than 1 lb of honey and substitute the rest of your fermentables with DME.

I did a braggot over two years ago and didn't like the results. However, inspired by this thread I dug two of the bottles up and just put them in the fridge. Will report back later.

Thought it was a bit too much honey myself. Based on my experiences with adding honey to beer a pound per 5 gallons is plenty.

Shave back the honey and tweak back the dark malts ever so slightly and you have a nice plan.


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