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Author Topic: New meadery opening up on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, general help on supply  (Read 815 times)

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Good day,

My name is Brendan and I am opening up a meadery/native winery on the gulf coast of Mississippi called Meeker's Mead.

Size-wise, it is going to be considered micro, putting out 100 gallon batches to start with, as I still have a full time job and other responsibilities.
I like the idea of the challenge of going native, meaning I have to use local ingredients and honey to produce my mead.

I have been looking for sources/lessons learned for ordering bulk things such as 750ml bottles, corks, spices, etc. I plan on getting brew supplies from MoreWine since I can get the bulk I need there.

The plan is to follow the seasons here making things from the local produce to make cysers in the fall, melomels in the summer, and already have set up my honey source from a guy just north of me.

I have done a ton of research, but I would like to pick anybody's brain about the supply side for certain things, since I am getting close to that point.

Overall I want to nurture a mead community on the coast, and try to get other people making mead down here as well! We can't order alcohol online, and the only mead I can find is Chaucers...


Brendan Meeker
Meeker's Mead
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Brendan Meeker
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Buy our Bottles -

CMG - (way more that just malt)


Ask any local brewers what chemicals they use -- local chemical supply company is often easier and cheaper than having it shipped

If possible, take the day and go to the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville in just a couple weeks -- you will find lots of stuff you need or didn't;t even know you needed!

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You might reach out to this group.
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Good luck with your business!