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Author Topic: Ever tried persimmon in your brew?  (Read 3304 times)

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Ever tried persimmon in your brew?
« on: December 01, 2009, 10:49:00 am »
I saw some great looking in-season persimmon at the market and wondered if anyone has ever added it to their mash?  Anyone?

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Re: Ever tried persimmon in your brew?
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2009, 08:06:04 am »
I haven't tried it, but I have eaten them and I recommend cooking them before adding to a mash - particularly if they are a little under ripe.  When under ripe, they are loaded with proteases, and will make quick work of the enzymes in the mash - or in your mouth  :o    A quick cook should denature the proteases and also gelatinize the starches.  YOu might want to add a little pectic enzyme to prevent haze.