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HDPE container question


I know that elements of this have been covered before, but I would like some advice.

I picked up a couple of 25 liter containers, that would potentially be useful as fermenters. They are HDPE, with a 2 in the triamgle on the bottom. They are solid black.

Would these be useable, or should I avoid?


Do not eat if you are a mouse. :-p

As long as they don't get hot (TFA says they start warping at around 60 deg C/140 deg F) you should be ok. The only concern I might have would be any residual moulding from when the containers were cast - might make cleaning difficult and could be a harbor for bacteria.

I would follow the advice in this.  Not all HDPE containers are food grade, and the black color might make me say no.
If there is a label on the bottom that says NSF, it would be food grade.


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