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If y'all don't mind, I could use a little feedback on my following plan for bottling full batches from a FermZilla.  8)

My plan to minimize carbonization loss:
1. Ferment in FermZilla at 60F and 15PSI
2. The day before bottling, boost FermZilla pressure to 25PSI to increase CO2 volume
3. Chill bottles prior to filling to minimize foaming
4. To begin bottling, bleed FermZilla pressure down to 5PSI to minimize foaming
5. Bottle with beer gun, capping each bottle as it's filled.

My equipment:
1. FermZilla All Rounder (full kit from MoreBeer)
2. Blichmann Beer Gun v2
3. CO2 tank w/ T and ball locks

My rationale:
I'm expecting some carbonation loss since I can't chill my FermZilla yet. By upping the PSI the day before, I hope to boost my beer's CO2 volume to offset carbonization loss. Bottling at 5PSI into chilled bottles would help reduce foaming as well.

1. Would upping the pressure actually make a significant difference?
2. Would 25PSI be too high/low?
3. Am I missing anything?

Why am I doing all this?
My budget won't allow a keezer won't happen for another year or 2. {cry} Meanwhile, I will continue bottling entire batches, and yes, I know this is very time-consuming, ugh.

Thx in advance for any insights y'all are willing to impart upon this noob. :D
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