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Thermoplastic tubing for mash tun?

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Is it a good idea to use thermoplastic tubing for draining wort from the mash tun or is the ordinary plastic tubing just fine?  I've used the regular stuff in the past but as I'm putting my cooler back together I got to thinking that the liquid coming out of there is probably above the recommended temperature ranges for the stuff.

I use the high temp clear stuff.  Works great.

I would be skeptical using the regular plastic tubing.

Well, I'm talking about using the normal food grade tubing such as this:

As opposed to the specifically identified high temp stuff like:

I use this:

I have some of the Thermoplasic but I don't like the fact that it isn't clear.  I like to be able to see the runnings in the tube.

Even if it is safe, doesn't the regular stuff get to hot and melty to handle?


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