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Author Topic: culture creation by making local, or even regularly homebrewed beer styles  (Read 305 times)

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culture is not static. something i am trying to focus on more and more is having not necessarily formulaic "traditions", but traditions as in common practices to pass down to my kids. this is the essence of culture creation, and may be something not always noticed in homebrewing.

when a people do not have even a local hand in producing their own beer, they in a way do not have a beer culture. they have a consuming beer culture. of course with so many local craft breweries this is a matter of degree, but increasingly people have an endless list of boxes to tick to consume foods/drinks that they want. ie. the food-ingredients delivery services where they tell you a recipe and give you the ingredients for that. when that happens, a family no longer is propagating a food culture, they are being fed a culture from a corporate entity and they are consuming.

the essence that makes this true culture so valuable is that it goes higher than what is "good" or "bad", but what is simply yours. i want my kids to understand brewing the way i teach them, when i teach them (lol in about 11 more years), and to keep some recipes of my own. hopefully good enough that they can continue.

i mean i could talk your ear off about this, but i saw this in real time with my grandparents who emigrated to canada not teaching my mum how to cook the food they would make. it was a disconnect. ww2 destroyed a ton of food culture around the world with the industrialization of food and rationing. sad, and i hope i can try to rebuild.