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Smack pack did not inflate

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The yeast I plan to brew with this weekend was well past the Best Use date, but it is what the store had.  I smacked it last night, and there is no real swelling.  I plan on putting it into a starter tonight, but was wondering if people have succeeded under such circumstances?  Is there still possibly enough viable yeast to take off in a starter?

And as I use a stir plate and foam stopper for my starters, I won't see bubbling;  once settled, how many mm of yeast typically collect in the bottom of a 2000ml flask?


I had a pre-smacked smack pack delivered to me a few weeks ago; I stuck it in the fridge and it deflated quite a bit, so I was nervous about pitching it. However, after a day of lag time, it's fermenting nicely. The wee yeasties are a resilient lot; I think you'll be ok.

Also note that, at least for my smack pack, there are two things which one must smack: The yeast pack, and the food pack. If you didn't smack the right pack, give it another crack.

yeah I had the same thing happen with some belgian wyeast.  I made a starter with it but pitched a white labs tube as well.  Fermented nicely, although I can't say whether or not the yeast from the smack pack did much.

You should be fine since you're making a starter.  There's almost sure to be some viable yeasties in there.


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