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Author Topic: Help... I want to use Kegorator for soft drink... and scotch and coke on tap..  (Read 520 times)

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Hi everyone... just purchased a new 6 tap fridge for beers on tap... beers are fine... but also want to have coke on tap... tried having higher pressure 30psi... bit all I get from the tap is foam and then flat coke... worse still... flat scotch and coke...

Has anyone successfully been able to get a tap to work for mixed drinks... love to have beers... spirits and soft drinks all next to each other on the 6 taps...

Thanks in advance... I will try whatever it takes to get it going...

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You probably need to use a much longer line, flow restrictors or a much narrower line to do soda. Some people use duo-tight connectors with narrower lines. I use epoxy mixers in the line to achieve the desired back pressure, but if I started over I would try the duo-tight.

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Sodas are served at much higher pressure than beer so you will need a dual regulator. As was mentioned, you will need some sort of restriction on the soda line to keep it from pouring too fast. A longer line can work or some other type of inline restrictor.

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Not quite the same but I keep sparkling water on tap. I carb at 30 and dispense at 20. I have twelve feet of line coiled up. I'm not sure if the ph or gravity of soda would make a difference.
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