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Author Topic: For sale!SSBrewtech 3Vessel electric 5Gallon brewing system complete-BROOKLYN NY  (Read 577 times)

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I bought this system brand new 1 year ago. I've been creating a recipe for a brand of beer that I am launching.
The recipe is finished and my wife wants the two spare bedrooms back that this gear and all it's boxes has been taking up.
Its in perfect condition. I have all the silicone pipes, connectors , valves...It's a turn key 5Gallon brewhouse.
I have all the original boxes and packaging.
Local pick up only in Brooklyn, NY.
Prefer to sell the whole system as one but will entertain breaking it up.
below is a link to the SSBrewtech website with all the gear so you can see images and read about it.
I tried for two hours to upload images but the computer kept saying "no"...(little Britain)
I have pictures I can email any buyer. But it is the exact same as the web site just very lightly used.

SS Brewtech eBrewing 3V system + neoprene jacket x2 + sparge arm + recirculation kit-1 =$1600.00
SS Brewtech 7G Unitank with heating/chilling control + leg extensions + 2.5” sight glass x4 =$2750.00
SS Brewtech 3/4HP Glycol chiller x1 =$1500.00
SS Brewtech brew cube x3 + eController mount x1 =$380.00
Blichmann riptide pump TC x2=$250.00
Tilt Hydrometer x4 =$250.00
Blichmann Therminator x1 =$100.00
SS Brewtech spray ball x1 =$30.00
Stir plate + 2000nl flask x1 =$50.00
Brewers Hardware wort filter x1 =$60.00
Monster Brewing Hardware 2 roller Pro brewer grain mill + hopper x1 =$150.00
Total $7120.00

Here is my Craigslist page which has pictures:
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