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Young's Double Chocolate Stout


Amazing. Three years ago I had one and not as good as this. Pitch black. Smells like chocolate. Tastes like bitter chocolate. Light in body and mouthfeel- effervescent. Subtle hop bitterness.

Hey! I thought Young's brewery was a thing of the past? This stuff has been cropping up in places I haven't seen it at in quite a while.

This guy evidently loves it:


I sure hope they've upped the "oomph" in the recipe!


watered down chocolate liqueur tasting

Young's Wandsworth brewery closed but they formed a joint venture with Charles Wells. All their beers are  brewed in Bedford at the Wells brewery

While I have not had it in awhile, at times it would be somewhat thin and other times manna from heaven. I prefer to remember the latter times...  ;)


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