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Cold start with 1098


I just brewed a brown ale using Wyeast 1098.  This was my first all grain batch and the first batch using a new chilling method (I used my IC to recirculate ice water vs using tap water).  The chilling method worked great.  I was able to chill 5 gallons to 65 degrees in 20 minutes and then put it in a swamp cooler.  The water in my swamp cooler was 70 degrees so I threw in some ice bottles, went back to check on it a while later and it was sitting at 52 degrees.

I pulled out the ice bottles but I'm wondering what effects the cold temp will have on fermentation.  Should I add hot water to bump the temp up or just let it go?  

Take the carboy out of the swamp cooler and give it a swirl - be careful since it will be wet.  Let it sit for a while, then check the temp - it might be warmer than you think.  If it actually is too cold, I'd use some warm water to get it up to at least 60 before pitching the yeast.


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