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Imperial Saison IPA


I have a stoopid amount of hops in the freezer that I need (or maybe the right word is can...) to use and lots of belgian saison yeast (wyeast 3724)

why not, right?

my house saison is a very close approximation of Dave Levonian's saison.  Just bump up the grain amounts to get to about 1.090? 

I have no idea what the hops are besides that they are pellets and I have lots -- about 2lbs (multi-varietal)

Still add the coriander, grains o' paradise, and orange peel?  I don't see why not... most of the hops smell pretty citrusy and some flowery.  Figured might as well to still have the saison character come through, although maybe bump the amounts up to compensate for the massive hop additions?

I've been in an experimental mood lately... adding sour cherries and all kinds of bacteria to my ginger lime saison, brett-ing a portion of my date/fig infused dubbel, port-barrel sour blonde with raisins, etc.

Do it before it gets too cool to get that yeast to finish!

with the way this summer has been in denver... not a problem.  it's fall?  not hardly.


--- Quote from: ryang on September 27, 2010, 03:35:39 PM ---date/fig infused dubbel
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I'd be interested in seeing that recipe; sounds delicious.


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