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Here are some pics of the Deschutes Brewing team in the Yakima hop fields picking out the hops for next year's beers....

More photos....

You know the hops are quite fresh when you get sticky green fingers and hands.  8)

Is that the Deschutes brewery? I've been "checking" them out lately. The IPA, Porter and Pale ale. So far I like the Pale ale the best.

Blurry pic is almost psychedelic. But you can see the structure and seeds etc. That's what I keep finding floating in my fermenters...

Yep, Deschutes Brewing in Bend OR.  Their Black Butte Porter and Obsidian stout are big favorites around here.  I think their Mirror Pond pale ale is outstanding.

Red Chair NWPA blew my mind when they offered it as a standard seasonal last year. Their Portland pub was a major destination for me while I lived in Portland - outstanding one-off/experimental beers on a regular basis.


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