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Author Topic: Bry-97 Tilt Graph  (Read 209 times)

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Bry-97 Tilt Graph
« on: December 05, 2023, 02:53:38 pm »
I am a big fan of Bry-97.  I thought I would share an observation about its fermentation behavior.

I ferment in a stainless steel bucket type fermenter. So, I can watch the activity, but I have a Tilt.  Across many batches I have noticed that Bry-97 regularly shows a middle portion of fermentation where the SG bounces around rather erratically. 

My interpretation is that the SG is actually dropping during this period. I surmise (with no actual evidence) that the krausen must be interfering with the Tilt. My guess is the krausen is either large or thick and it is pushing the Tilt around or not allowing it to move as the SG drops.

After a few days, the SG will rather quickly drop back to the normal level one would expect and then the yeast will wrap up and SG will level off.

Example 1: my current APA batch just 3 days into fermentation.  The X-axis grid on this one is 12 hours per grid line. That makes the wide ride in the middle look larger than example 2.

Example 2: is the prior batch with the same yeast. This fermentation is done so the hitches where the SG started trending up are narrower because the X-axis grid lines are 48 hours apart. .