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FWH in an ESB


I posed the question in nicneufeld's thread but it was kinda a hijack (sorry) and I'm interested in everyone's input both on the subject of FWH and my specific question, so:

--- Quote from: tygo on November 19, 2009, 06:19:43 PM ---Slightly off topic but what do you guys think about using EKG as FWH in an ESB instead of the normal aroma addition?

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The only response so far was:

--- Quote from: blatz on November 19, 2009, 06:23:48 PM ---
I wouldn't do it, though that's just me as I really don't like FWHing.

but in any case, FWH is a bittering/flavor hop charge, not an aroma - in fact, you get very little, if any aroma from them, so it would definitely not be a good sub.

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And thanks Blatz for the reply.  Just curious if anyone else has any experience to add.

I have yet to FWH and would think it would work fine in an ESB if you don't use it in place of your aroma hops. 

Do it!!!!!!!!!

You still need later aroma additions but you'll get great flavor from the FWH
I dont brew bitters without a FWH addition

I did FWH with Hallertau and Saaz in couple of beers.
All of them had quite harsh hop aftertaste.
I do not consider this very pleasing.

Sounds like there are some differences of opinion here  :o

Guess I'll have to try it and see how it goes.  Thanks for the advice everyone.  I'll definitely keep the aroma hops in addition to the FWH.  Got this one programmed to brew...well whenever I get all of my equipment put back together and find a day to brew it.  Hopefully soon!


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