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Author Topic: Ss Brewtech 10gal Mash Tun for Sale! (Local pickup only!) (New York, NY)  (Read 498 times)

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I am looking to pass this mash tun onto a fellow home brewer.

Ss brewtech 10 gal InfuSsion Mash Tun (used).

Used for a dozen batches.

Holds temp good. I recommend pre-heating it before your mash in because it will absorb a lot of the strike water temp.

*Also note that the heat element is not meant to heat your water to strike temp. It is not that powerful. It is only meant to help maintain mash temp and honestly this thing keeps pretty good temp without even using that but nevertheless it comes with it.

Comes with vorlauf fitting, 3-piece ball valve, 1/2 inch male barb, temp controller, thermometer and a 10 inch stainless steel disc that I usually put on top of mash when sparging to try and distribute sparge water evenly throughout the grain.

Local pick up only! Located in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Weight 31 pounds empty, an extra few pounds with the accessories.

Dimensions are approx..

21 inches handle to handle

22 inches to top of handles on the lid.

I put 17 lbs of grain in this before and still had some room. I would say it could possibly fit around 19 before you max it out.

I left the beer labels on the side for now but I think they should peel off decently with little effort if you want a smooth finish.

Again.. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY! Located in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

Happy Brewing!

For pictures.. Here is the link to my craigslist ad-