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making the switch to all grain!!!

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i've been brewing extract for the past eight or ten months.  i had upgraded my brew kettle to a 10 gallon mega-pot already and was perfectly happy for a few months. 

now i've got the itch to brew all grain so i have more control over the flavor of the beer and cut the cost of my brewing.  i ordered the 7 lb barley crusher from northern brewer as well as this....

10 gallon AGS

not a sabco i know, but i'm sure it will keep me occupied until i have the resources to upgrade again. 

i'm actually more nervous about screwing my beer up now than i was before my first extract batch....

you know what they say




--- Quote from: bonjour on November 20, 2009, 05:10:45 PM ---you know what they say



--- End quote ---


once you go all'll never look back.

Plus-you have good gear.  Good bear is good recipe, good sanitation, good procedure, good ingredients, and good gear.  Period.

now make something you like first so you have a reference point.

but seriously!  RDWHAHB

It is a RUSH being within reinheitsgabot and having good beer as a result.

Hey Deep,

Welcome to the AG club! That is a great setup! You may decide you don't need to "upgrade", and I can assure you, you can make as good a beer with twin Rubbermaids as you can with a BM. Plus, the money saved in gear can go towards more ingredients!   ;D

So . . what's the plan for the inaugural batch?


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