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is this a good/decent stir plate?



thanks in advance!

I just got this stir plate ( same guy I think ) last week and used it last weekend.  Works pretty well.  I have a 2000ml flask and did a 1500ml starter.  No complaints and my fermentation took off strong ( 1.056 down to 1.017 after about 4 days using London Ale yeast).

the seller has gotten lots of positive feedback, but this one worries me....

"Unsatisfied with quality, not very powerful, seller very good"

I am very happy with mine. It is slightly stronger than the homebrew Hanna. (I have both.)

thanks guys.  i took the plunge and went ahead and grabbed that along with a 2l flask and larger stir stick.   

i just spoke to the guy that makes them (dan) and is super nice.


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