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How Long does a 15lb CO2 tank last you?

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I was wondering how many 5-gal cornies get carbonated and served from a single 15lb tank on your systems?

I serve at 12 PSI, and I tried the "shake" method on two kegs (but switched to the "wait" method after that). I have gone through 2 force carbonated kegs and have another 2 (one of which was primed for 3 weeks with 1/3 cup cane sugar) are now half empty - should I expect to carbonate and serve any more kegs after these 2?

you should be able to get 25-30 kegs carbed and served with that tank.

With no losses, at 2.4 vol, it's almost exactly three kegs per pound of CO2. So a maximum of 45. Realistically, blatz's numbers are probably closer.

3 times as much as my 5lb ::)

Haha, I just bought a 15 pound tank for my lagerator and was wondering the same thing.  Maybe I went a little nuts. ;D


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