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  I am working on a recipe for a Baltic Porter on the low ABV side (btwn 5.5 and 6.0).  I also want to add some home made molasses that I bought way back in the Blue Ridge Mtns. 
  My question is about how much to add (difficult to know without the final recipe) and more importantly, when to add it.  I was thinking to add it late in the boil so I can sanitize it without boiling away any more flavor/aroma than I have to.  I also should consider if the fermentation will drive off much flavor/aroma.  Has anyone worked with this ingredient lately that can give some input to consider?

I have used molasses in the boil 1 cup for 5 gallons.  I usually add it at the begining of the boil with malt extract.  adds great flavor 

I used 1 pound in a 10 gallon batch of baltic porter, and like the results.  It was the light molasses, unsulfured.  Blackstrap is the third runnings, and I am not a fan of that one.

Add at the last 10-15 minutes of the boil.

A little bit of blackstrap goes a LONG way.  I've used it in a few recipes and I think I added something like 1 or 2 Tbsp in a 5 gal batch.  I normally use the light unsulfured type (Grandma's brand, I think).  It doesn't really need to boil much; it just needs to dissolve.  You could stir it in at knockout if you wanted. 

I've used one jar (10 oz?) of Grandma's brand, with good results,  end of boil just to make sure it dissolves.


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