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Molasses in a Porter

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Joe Sr.:
Agreed on the blackstrap.  I wouldn't use it.  It has harsh flavors.

I've used Barabados molasses (  Apparently, however, Barbados molasses may not technically be molasses... oh well.

I've used a full bottle before in a strong stout, and it was a bit much.  Depends how much you like molasses.  Personally I would use more than a few tablespoons, up to a half bottle (8 oz or so).

Thanks for everyone's input.  I guess I'll be going to the store for some Grandmas and save the Blackstrap for cooking.  I have since read in Sam Calagione's Extreme Brewing (pg 112) about using molasses to prime with, so if I don't have enough flavor at bottling time I can still get more in.


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