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Bravo as a substitue for Magnum?


Hi all,

I'm brewing up some BVIP for the holidays this weekend and my LHBS was out of Magnum.  They recommended Bravo as a substitute.  I'm not familiar with Bravo so I checked it out online and it looks like the cohumulone is a bit higher while its Beta Acids are lower.   I'm wondering if anyone has used Bravo in place of Magnum for bittering with good success or if they think it would work well with Denny's BVIP recipe?  Alternatively, should I could run out and get some Northern Brewer?


I used Bravo a lot when it first came out - with a lot of use as a bittering hop instead of my usual magnum, so I would say sure go for it - it does impart a very slightly higher bite than magnum, but I kinda liked it - think of it as in between magnum and CTZ.


Great, I'll run with it and see how it turns out. Thanks for the info Blatz!


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